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Learn what you love - anywhere anytime, Learn from the best Universities, organizations, teachers and leaders in the world such as Marakana, Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseware, Google, Stanford, Oxford and numerous others based on your interest and area of study! <br><br>**Want Grace App?** You can download Grace from Google Play Store [here](//


Android App

[Smiling Ride BART](// is an useful application for San Francisco BART Commuters that makes your BART trip planning and checking real time schedules a pleasant experience. <br><br>You can download Smiling Ride Bart Android App [here](//

Smiling Ride BART

Android App

[Car2Enjoy](// is our attempt to provide you a tool to use with your car2go service to easily manage car sharing for you. <br><br>You can download Smiling Ride  Android App [here](//


Android App


A Silicon Valley start up with a mission to build amazing digital products and experiences.

  • 2009

    Our Beginning


  • 2010-2011

    Served Sony Mobile

    Worked for Sony Mobile to develop Windows Mobile smartphones

  • 2011-2012

    Served Sony Mobile

    Worked for Sony Mobile to develop Android Smartphones

  • 2012

    Served Expertmaker

    Worked for Expertmaker to develop AI powered personalized Mobile Application for Vodafone Xone

  • 2016-2017

    Served Westfield Labs

    Worked for Westfield Labs as part of mobile team to design and development Westfield Shopping Android applications for US, UK, AU and NZ markets

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